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Week 1

Time Management

Do you know your monthly expenses?

  - Most people do not have a personal budget.

 - Not knowing how much you need to earn, will almost always lead to not earning enough.

Do you have a schedule?

  - Once you know how much you NEED to earn. You must have a strategy to make the most out of your time.

 - Without a schedule, you cannot start a business plan.

Understanding the RE Business 

  - Understanding "Income producing" activities vs income servicing activities will enable you to be productive.

    Income Producing :

a. Contacting Landlords

b. Reaching out to COI


d. Lead Follow Up

    Income Servicing :

a. Creating Mailers

b. Practicing Scripts

c. Writing Contracts / Leases

d. Posting Ads online

e. Social Media Posts


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