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Week 4

Designing a balanced schedule

Why a schedule is important

 - Reduces random chaos

 - Defines "Work Hours"

 - Creates predicable daily routine

Can you schedule like a business?

 - Reputable business have "Posted Hours"

 - Quality clients RESPECT an agent that operates with a defined business schedule.

 - Business's have days of operation and days in which they are closed.

 - Doctors and attorneys don't do last minute cases or visits. They have SCHEDULES.

How to create a schedule

 - Decide on a calendar

 - Decide days you're going to work

 - Block off "Money Hours"

Putting the schedule to work

 - Synch to an appointment app (Calendly)

 - Put appointment options in email signature

 - Place appointment options on social media


 - What is going to happen if you don't stick to your game-plan? Who will hold you accountable?

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