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Week 6

Open House Mastery

Why is this the BEST way to build business?

 - You'll be face to face with buyers

 - You'll be face to face with homeowners

 - You'll be face to face with renters

 - You'll see and feel the market

  •     Always ask for feedback

Amplify your business

  - Open House Invite Calls

     - Open house script

     - Private Mail

     - Social Posts

     - Email Blasts

You can touch 1000 plus people with one open house... ORGANICALLY

Becoming the local specialist

 - Review comparable homes

  • Whats active

  • Whats under-contract

  • Whats sold in past 6 months

  • Research the building, know the layouts and which way they face (East, west, north, south)

  • Become a local market SPECIALIST.

        Be ready to interview!

How to prepar

- Show up 1 hr early

- Bring a wireless speaker

- Have 2 Brocures (Yours and MLS)

- Have business cards ready

- 3 signs, balloons on each sign

- Have your KvCore sign-in

- Have some snacks and water

        Be ready to interview!

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